Ameland Kite also offers other services to enable our guests to experience more of our awesome location. Here are some of your options.


Kite Trips

Are you looking for memorable kite trips far away from crowded lagoons and windless kite spots? We have the answer to kite travel mass tourism: remote, but still reachable, empty kite spots with wind guarantee. We have scouted these areas in the region to ensure the perfect kite trip for our students and guests. By booking a kite trip with us, you can avoid experiencing unpleasant events such as un-kiteable beaches, arrests, and many others.

We will also arrange all the logistics – including your transport pick-up from the airport. In order to ensure the highest level of quality and service, our kite trips will be accompanied either by one our staff members or by experienced partners that we have worked with successfully over the years.


Equipment Rental

Our goal is to teach kite surfing and sailing to our students to the best possible level and we believe that they are better able to learn from us when they are using the latest, safest and best possible kite surfing and sailing equipment, no matter how much they might be going for in the market. We choose what we believe to be the best for our students.

For those who avail any of our programs, we will supply all the equipment needed for the lessons (as well as insurance), but if our students brought their own kit, they are free to bring these along to the lessons after we have thoroughly inspected them and deemed it safe for use. All of the equipment that we offer for rent are regularly replaced so that the kit never becomes worn-out and unsafe for use.


Kite Boarding Kit for Sale

Over the years that we have been open to the public, we have been able to test most of the kites available in the market and hence, we are aware of what works and what does not. We never stick to just one brand, and our shop always offer the best brands and models with our  coupon codes on products for a certain use or purpose.