Ameland Kite is committed to providing you with a kite surfing and sailing experience that matches your needs. Here are some of the services that we offer.


Kite Surfing Lessons

Our kite surfing courses usually last three to five days. However, after the course is over, you should still plan for several more days to practice the kitesurfing skills you have learned. After a week with our assistance, and given good weather conditions, expect to safely and expertly glide with the kite board, pulled by your kite, over the water. There are four levels that you can choose from:

Beginner Kite Surfing Program - This provides a great introduction if you want to know whether  kitesurfing is for you and see how well you can do this sport. You will learn about the fundamentals of wind direction and learn how to pilot the kite with simple exercises. This is a Level 1 IKO course, where our instructors will teach you about the theory and safety of two-line and four line kites.

Intermediate Kite Surfing Program - This is a Level 2 IKO course where you will learn the basics of safety, kite set up, kite flying, body drag in all directions and finally get on the board and ride. By the end of this program, you are expected to be able to do short rides to one or both sides. This programs will help you become an independent kiter and learn more on your own or continue with an advanced course.

Advanced Kite Surfing Program - This Level 3 IKO course will guide you step by step and teach you how to ride upwind, change direction and even do your first jumps. The other skills that you will be learning include basic jumping, board recovery and transitions.


Sailing Lessons

We also offer a basic sailing course for those who wish to feel the satisfaction of navigating the winds and the seas on a beautiful watercraft. This special sailing program will transform your holiday into a great memory. This 15-hour sailing course is designed to teach you everything about the basics of sailing, from basic skills, safety rules, and maneuvering tips.